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In the excruciating pain of child loss, we can draw strength from the intercessory prayers of this exemplary family who suffered the loss of 4 of their 9 children.


"We shall find our little ones again up above." -Saint Zelie Martin


"When I had to close the eyes of my dear children and bury them, I felt deep sorrow, but I was always resigned to it.  I did not regret the pains and the sorrows which I had endured for them.  Many persons said to me: "It would have been better for you if you had never had them."  I could not bear that kind of talk.  I do not think that the sorrows and the troubles endured could possibly be compared with the eternal happiness of my children with God.  Besides, they are not lost to me forever; life is short and filled with crosses, and we shall find them again in Heaven."  From an 1870 letter written by Saint Zelie Martin, mother of Saint Therese of Lisieux, to comfort her sister-in-law after she experienced the loss of a child at birth.  Saint Zelie Martin, and her husband Saint Louis Martin, lost three children in the first year of life and another at age five.   


Quotation from St Therese about her departed siblings:

After Marie entered the Carmel, and I no longer had her to listen to my scruples, I turned towards Heaven and confided them to the four little angels who had already gone before me, for I thought that these innocent souls, who had never known sorrow or fear, ought to have pity on their poor little suffering sister. I talked to them with childish simplicity, telling them that, as I was the youngest of the family, I had always been the most petted and loved by my parents and sisters; that if they had remained on earth they would no doubt have given me the same proofs of their affection.  The fact that they had gone to Heaven seemed no reason why they should forget me--on the contrary, as they were able to draw from the treasury of Heaven, they ought to obtain for me the grace of peace, and prove that they still knew how to love me. 

The answer was not long in coming; soon my soul was flooded with the sweetest peace. I knew that I was loved, not only on earth but also in Heaven.  From that time my devotion for these little brothers and sisters increased; I loved to talk to them and tell them of all the sorrows of this exile, and of my wish to join them soon in our Eternal Home." (From her autobiography, Story of a Soul."


This Antique Brass Rectangle Pendant measures approximately 1x1 3/8 inches (25x35mm).  A matching 18" inch link chain is included. (24" chain can be requested in lieu of 18”).

Martin Family Icon Necklace

  • Your necklace pendant will be water resistant, but not waterproof. Please remove before bathing or swimming.

  • Thank you for your patience and understanding in awaiting the arrival of your handmade jewelry. I will create your custom jewelry and ship it as soon as our bustling homeschool schedule permits, with children ages 7, 5, 3, and our beloved new baby due March 7, 2022.

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