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Pursue Me


Nothing Compares to You
Hail Mary
Abraham's Offering
Anointing at Bethany
Walk on Water
Sing a New Song
See You in the Eucharist
Gates of Heaven

1. In the Silence of the Heart

(Hosea 2:16-17, 21-22)


In the silence of the heart 

In the silence of the heart

In the silence of the heart

You speak


Thus says the Lord,

“I will allure her

I will lead her into the desert.


There she shall respond

As in the days of her youth,

When she came up

From the land of Egypt.


I shall espouse you to me forever,

In right and in justice,

Love and in mercy;

I’ll espouse you in fidelity,

And you shall know the Lord."

2. Pursue Me

John 15:16


Was that you, Lord, calling to me?

A voiceless word within me speaks

And you declare what you desire

To have my heart with you forever.


I’m so afraid to die, O God,

To lose my life, to choose the cross.

But when I fall in love with you

Then I will rise to life anew.


Pursue me, Lord.

Pursue me, Lord.

Pursue me, Lord.

I’ll let you lead.


Then you stretched your loving arms

Across the world into my heart.

Why do I run from the love

You long to give 

The love I seek.


I did not choose you;

You have chosen me,

To go bear fruit abundantly.

I did not choose you;

You have chosen me, O God,

In your mercy.

3. Nothing Compares to You

Song of Songs 5:9-16


He could give me diamonds, 

But you’re the treasure that I seek.

He could whisper sweet nothings, 

But you’re the voice in my dreams.

He could sing me a song, 

But you’re the melody.

He could give me a home, 

But you’re my safety.


Nothing compares to you

No one compares to you

I have found a love that’s true

I belong to you


He could give me roses, 

But you’re the earth the rain the Son

He could kiss me softly, 

But you’re the maker of love

He could give me his heart, 

But you’re the beat within mine

He could lay down beside me, 

But you lay down your life


You are the heavens

You are eternity

Is it true that you want to marry me?

4. Hail Mary

Traditional Prayer


Hail Mary, full of grace

The Lord is with thee

Blessed are thou among women

Blessed is the fruit of thy womb


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus


Holy Mary, Mother of God,

Pray for us sinners now

And at the hour of our death, Amen


Amen, Amen, Amen


Glory be to the Father,  to the Son, 

And to the Holy Spirit

As it was in the beginning, is now,  

And will be forever


Amen, Amen, Amen

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

5. Abraham's Offering

 Genesis 22:1-18 


“Abraham,” you called to me.

I am ready, Lord;

What do you want of me?

“Take your son, your only one,

Your joy above all things.

You shall journey up the mountain

To the place of which I speak

You shall lay him on the altar;

You shall give him back to me.”


And I did not sleep that night.

And my agony gave birth

To the morning light

For three timeless days

My son walked by my side

And Isaac turned to me

As we approached the chosen height


“Father, I carry the wood,

And you carry the flame,

But where is the lamb

For the sacrifice of praise?”

I said, “God will provide;

What he asks for we must do.”

O God I trust in you.


This was the child you gave to me,

The fruit of all my prayers

I offered fervently.

My son, my only one,

You bore the wood for me.

I took it from his shoulders

When our journey was complete.

I began to build the altar;

Then I bound his hands and feet.


Then I looked into his eyes.

I saw the confusion

And I heard his cries.

“Father, why are you doing this?

Please say something to me!”

But silence was my sole reply;

I could no longer speak.


Then I laid him on the wood

And I shook like the flame.

With trembling hands I took the knife

And prayed for strength.

I do not understand

But my love for you is true.

O God I trust in you


“O Abraham,”

The Lord cried out to me.

“Do not slay your son;

Do not harm him in the least.

Now I know that there is

Nothing you won’t do.

Now I know your love for me is true.”


By your faith, every nation

Shall find blessing in your name;

You have trusted in my promise,

So your kingdom shall be great.

You’ll have descendants countless as the stars

And sands of the sea.

All the world’s been blessed

Through your obedience to me.


Jesus in his agony.

“I am ready, Lord,

What do you want of me?”

“My Son, my only one,

My face revealed to see,

You shall journey up the mountain

To the cross on Calvary

You shall lay down on the altar;

You shall die to set them free.”


And you did not sleep that night.

And your agony gave birth

To the morning light.

For three timeless hours,

You made one last sacrifice,

To save us by your blood

And offer us eternal life.


Lamb of God upon the wood

With the Spirit’s burning flame

The Father gave His only Son

As the Lamb to be slain

To fulfill every hope

That your promises are true.

O God I trust

In Jesus I trust

In Jesus I trust in you.

6. Anointing at Bethany

Luke 10:42, 23:34; Mark 14:3-9; John 12:1-8

Wisdom 3; Revelation 5:12


You have come to the table of my soul.

Thank you, O Lord,

For the mercy you’ve shown.

What you took you have given back to me.

So I pour out the oil of my dreams.

As the tears start to fall,

I am bathing your feet,

Filling this house

With the fragrance of your peace. 


I bow down to the ground.

My hair spills all around.

I am kissing your feet.

I am wiping them dry because I believe that


You deserve to receive all of my love.

Anything less, Lord, would not be enough.

I’ll lavish you, Lord, with all I have received.

I’ll spend my whole life to anoint you as King.


They say,

“Why are you wasting this gift?

Just think of the good

You’d have done if you sold it

To serve all the poor souls in this world.”

Father forgive them,

For they know not what they say.

Worthy are you, Lamb of God,

Who was slain,

To receive power, riches,

Wisdom and strength.


I fall down at your throne,

Longing for you alone.

Singing, “Holy, Holy!”

God should be given all of the glory.


Now, Lord, I sit at your feet.

You say the better part’s given to me

By your love, by your generosity. 

She’s done a good thing for me.

My time on earth is but a blink of eternity.

But the souls of the just

Shall live forever in peace.


They’ll remember this story.

You will be given a crown of glory,

In memory of what you’ve done,

The story will go on and on. 

7. Follow Me

Mark 8:34-35, 10:28-30; Luke 5:4,9;

John 12:24, 15:15, 21:15-17


If you lose your life

For the sake of my name

If you leave behind all fortune and fame

Then my heart shall be your home

Every child shall be your own

One grain falls to the ground

And a thousand are sown

Follow me, follow me.


I’ve called you by name

I call you my friend

From now on you’ll be fishers of men

Cast out all fear 

Put out in the deep

Take up your cross and follow me


You will hold the heart

Of the world in your hands

You will hold the Flesh

And the Blood of the Lamb

As you lay down your life

For the Body of Christ

You will stand in my place

Offering sacrifice for the sheep

A good shepherd for the sheep


Do you love me?  Yes Lord I love you

Do you love me? You know that I love you

Do you love me? You know everything 

You know that I love you

Feed my sheep


Take up your holy cross and follow me

I'll take up my cross and follow you

8. Walk on Water

Psalm 77:17,20; Matthew 14:24-33; Numbers 15:41


The waters saw you, Lord,

The coastlands trembled.

Through the mighty sea

You made your way.

Though your footsteps were unseen,

In the night you came to me

While the boat was tossing in the waves.


‘Are you but a ghost?’ I cried in terror.

‘Take courage, it is I. Don’t be afraid.’

‘Lord, if it’s you, command I come

And walk upon the water now,

You whom even wind and seas obey.’


He said, ‘Come to me

And walk upon the water.

Come in faith- my grace will be enough.

If you believe,

You’ll come to know Love’s power.

Come to me, and I will hold you up.’


I held the boat’s edge, putting one leg over.

The sea was dancing underneath my feet.

I looked to you and I let go

Of everything I claim to know

Carried by the grace you’ve given me.


But can I really walk upon this water?

The wind is strong and I am so afraid.

My faith is weak, Lord,

Save me with your power.

I am sinking deep into the waves.


You raised your hand

And stretched it out to save me.

The sea was parted underneath your gaze.

You lifted me up from waters wild;

You claimed me as your child, 

Saying, ‘Why’d you doubt,

O you of little faith?’


Lord, you brought me out of Egypt

Through the waters.

You baptized me with power to believe.’

Truly, you’re the Son of God, Lord Jesus. 

Keep me in the harbor of your peace.


Be still my soul, for God can do all things.

9. Psalm 139 (Wonderfully Made)

Lord you search me and you know me

When I sit and when I stand

You understand my thoughts from afar

Behind me and before me

Your hand is there to guide me

Too wonderful for me

This knowledge is beyond my reach

Before a word is on my tongue

You know it all before it has begun


I praise you God

That I am fearfully,

Wonderfully made


Where can I hide from your presence?

Where can I flee from your face?
If I climb to the heavens you are there

If I lie in the grave you are there

If I take the wings of the dawn

Or dwell at the sea’s furthest end

Even there your hand would guide me

Your right hand hold me fast

For you night is as the day

For you light and darkness are the same


I praise you God

That I am fearfully

Wonderfully made


In secret

As in the depths of the earth

You formed my inmost being

My very self you knew

My bones were not hidden from you

Knit me in my mother’s womb

10. Sing a New Song

Philippians 3:7-15; Psalm 144:9; Psalm 30:12


Whatever gains that I have had,

I consider a loss to me.

Because of knowing Jesus

I’ve accepted losing everything

That I might be found in Him.


I will sing a new song

To the Lord a new song

I will sing a new song to the Lord

He has turned my mourning

Turned it into dancing

My silence into melody 


Forgetting all that lies behind,

Straining forward to what lies ahead,

I continue my pursuit

In hopes to reach the prize

The resurrection from the dead.


Depending on faith to know His power,

And sharing in His sufferings,

By being conformed to His death, 

I will rise with Him.

11. See You in the Eucharist

I will meet you at the table

I will meet you in His heart

In the company of angels

In the place where all things start

We receive each others’ presence

We are all made one in Him

Though I cannot see your face

I will see you in the Eucharist


Come and meet me at the table

Come and meet me in His heart

We’ll be singing with the angels

Each man playing his own part

In a symphony of praises

We will join our song with His

Though I cannot hear your voice

We’ll be speaking in the Eucharist


Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid


When we gather at the table

We are closer than our breath

Even nearer than the angels

When we touch His very flesh

Dwelling in each others’ presence

 I will hold you close inside

Every soul in heaven and earth

Now is present in the Body of Christ


We are pilgrims on a journey

We are headed for the throne

Carried on the wings of angels

O we do not walk alone

All our prayers we lay before Him

And His grace will pave the way

To lead us to our one true home

Where we’ll see each other face to face


I will meet you

I will hear you

I will hold you

I’ll receive you

I will see you in the Eucharist

13. Gates of Heaven

Words and music written by my father,

Daniel N. Skorich

O child, my child, are you going away?

Will you leave on the wings of the morning?

You have heard his voice

You’ve answered the call

But it’s hard the path you’re making


Will you think of me

When the blue bird sings,

With the warmth of the sun in its rising?


And if I never see your face again,

We will meet at the gates of heaven

O we’ll meet at the gates of heaven


You have given me hope

You’ve given me joy.

You have given me more than you’ve taken

And I look at you

With my heart in my hands

And you know this old heart is aching


And I’ll think of you

When the roses bloom

With the sound of a baby laughing


And if I never hear your sweet voice again

We will sing at the gates of heaven

O we’ll sing at the gates of heaven


Walk on, walk on

With the wind at your back

And a prayer for a new life beginning

You’ve been given to me

By the Good Maker’s hands

Now my gift to the Lord is returning


And I’ll bless your path 

With the stars at night,

And the smile of the day as its dawning


And if I never walk beside you again

We will dance at the gates of heaven

O we’ll dance at the gates of heaven

This song is written for parents who have a child discerning religious life. You may not fully understand or appreciate, at this time, the painful separation from your beloved. Take comfort in your child's faith and courage, and in the knowledge that these temporary sufferings will bring eternal joy and peace.

DANIELLE'S NOTE: This song was written by my father. The first time he sang it for me with his mandolin, I cried for two hours straight! I pray that it is a source of hope and strength for all those parents who are struggling to surrender the life of their child to the hands of God. 

In the Silence of the Heart
Pursue Me
Psalm 139
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